New Year, New Website, New Goals

2019 Resolutions

Not big on new years resolutions (can’t remember the last time I set one), but decided to try something new and set some goals in 2019. I’ve broken up some of my long term goals into actionable repetitive tasks that I hope to turn into habits. Here are my software development goals for 2019.

Blog Posts

I’m looking to improve my writing skills and hoping to do it through some blog posts. I’ll also be using this as a way to document code and projects I’m working on. Here’s what I’ll be doing to get better at writing.

  • One blog post a week on short topic.
  • One blog post a month on a longer topic.

Side Projects

I want to create side projects with the long term goal of monetization. The short term goal is to put ship more side projects more frequently. Here’s what I’ll be doing to ship more side projects.

  • Work on side projects 3x per week for at least hour at a time.
  • Ship a new feature (any feature) once per week on any side project.
  • Ship a new side project once every 3 months.

How I’m going to get it done

I’ve broken down my goals into small easy to do items. I put each of these items into a habit tracking app that tracks streaks. I’m sold on streaks and have been hooked on apps that track streaks. Breaking a streak feels terrible - much worse than the work required to maintain a streak. Streaks are productivity hack according to Jerry Seinfeld. We’ll see how it goes…